Selecting a Wealth AdvisorIt’s not what they offer but what you need that should help drive your decision

One of the most common questions we hear is, “How do I select a wealth advisor?” Well, it depends. The reason why it depends, however, is because it depends on you. What do you need? What types of services will most benefit you? Do you need someone to just look at your investments and work with your other advisors, or do you need someone to handle every aspect of your financial affairs? All of these are valid questions, the answers to which will provide great insight into what type of advisor you need. Read more…

2018 Fixed Income Outlook Monetary Policy Shift from Easing to Tightening

Nick Burwell, Cabot’s fixed income portfolio manager, believes that 2018 will be a critical year as to whether this long economic expansion can continue, possibly accelerate, or will ultimately begin to decline from here. Download report.

The Cabot DifferenceWe work for you.

One advantage of a boutique firm is receiving the personal attention that you demand in any professional relationship. Clients have direct access to a professional team led by a personal wealth advisor who understands their goals. Learn more