Great Game of Business Lecture Recap

Mikki Wilson | Marketing & Business Development

great-game-of-businessWe saw June conclude with the fourth and final lecture in the Great Game of Business book lecture series, hosted by Rob Lutts and Cabot Wealth Management.

During this lecture series, author Robert Lutts, president and chief investment officer of Cabot, explained his personal passion for investing and why he founded Cabot Money Management, Inc. in 1983, which originally began as an investment advisory firm. Rob shared some of the key economic sectors that Cabot Wealth Management considers promising in the coming years and highlights possible future leaders within these up-and-coming sectors.

Attendees became familiar with the term “stemwinders”, who Rob describes as successful leaders that understand and are constantly improving every part of the business. Rob shared insights on the key differences between growth and value investing as well as the global markets. Moreover, he explained the importance of investors diversifying for long-term success.

2017 Lecture Series Presentations:

  • Winding the Stem (March 2017)
  • Rules of the Game (April 2017)
  • Game Changers (May 2017)
  • The Spirit to Win (June 2017)

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