Key 4: Protect Information on Social Networks

Protecting yourself online.

  • social-networkingLimit the amount of personal information you post on social networking sites. Never post your Social Security number (even the last four digits). Consider keeping your birth date, home address, and home phone number confidential.
  • Consider whether you want to post information about births, children’s birthdays, or the loss of loved ones. Sharing too much information can make you more susceptible to fraudsters and allow them to quickly pass a variety of challenges related to the authentication of your personal information. Never underestimate the public sources individuals will use to learn critical facts about people.

As cyber fraud continues to evolve, it is more critical than ever to take measures to protect your identity and mitigate potential security risks. As part of National Cyber Security National Awareness Month, we will highlight key areas in which you can take action to better protect your identity, your accounts, and your technology.

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