Key 5: Protect Email Accounts

Protecting yourself online.

  • email-protectionDelete any emails that include detailed financial information beyond the time it’s needed. In addition, continuously assess whether you even need to store any personal and financial information in an email account.
  • Use secure data storage programs–such as cloud storage and/or online vaults–to archive critical data and documents.
  • Review unsolicited emails carefully. Never click links in unsolicited emails or in pop-up ads, especially those that warn that your computer is infected with a virus and request that you take immediate action.
  • Establish separate email accounts for personal correspondence and financial transactions.

As cyber fraud continues to evolve, it is more critical than ever to take measures to protect your identity and mitigate potential security risks. As part of National Cyber Security National Awareness Month, we will highlight key areas in which you can take action to better protect your identity, your accounts, and your technology.

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