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Ringing the NYSE Bell

Rob Lutts, Cabot’s president and chief investment officer, was a guest of Krane Fund Advisors during their summit and launch of the One Belt One Road ETF (OBOR).  Rob helped the KraneShare Team ring the bell to open the stock exchange on January 16, 2018. Rob has been investing in China for more than 20 […]

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Evaluating risk in your portfolio.

For many of our clients here at Cabot Wealth Management, a typical Balanced Portfolio is comprised of a certain percentage of individual stocks, combined with individual bonds, bond funds/ETFs and gold. This mix of stocks versus bonds, commonly referred to as asset allocation, depends upon an individual’s risk tolerance and return objectives. Insights such as […]

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Is the Great Unwind Approaching?

Even occasional financial market observers have become familiar with the term quantitative easing. This unconventional monetary policy tool, in which central banks buy government securities in order to drive interest rates lower and increase money supply has clearly had a profound effect on the price of all types of assets. It is impossible to know […]

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Markets Continue an Eerily Calm Trek Higher

US and international stocks posted another quarter marked by positive returns and historically low volatility. An awful lot has been written about the quiet strength that currently pervades stock exchanges, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts on that topic. How quiet has it been? There are a number of ways to measure market […]

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