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Why Average Investors Earn Below Average Market Returns

“Hiring an advisor is a great way to align your portfolio to your goals and help control the emotional urges that come along with volatile markets.” -Greg Stevens, Cabot Wealth Advisor Investor behavior is illogical and often based on emotion. This does not lead to wise long-term investing decisions. A couple of typical money-losing moves that […]

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Growth & Income Review and Outlook for 2017

2016 was full of the unexpected. Oil’s dip to $26 per barrel in February, Brexit, and the US election are the glaring examples of outcomes that defied expert predictions. We should expect a similarly wild ride in 2017, which may or may not bring sweeping changes to US taxes/regulation/deficits, interest rates, foreign trade, and the […]

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Fixed-Income Review & Outlook for 2017

As we turn the page on 2016, we look back on what was an unusually wild ride for fixed income markets.  The year began with the price of oil declining to $26 a barrel, a level not seen in more than a decade. Given the high level of debt outstanding connected to the energy industry, […]

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Preparing Portfolios for 2017

Clear out the dead wood in the portfolio. We all have holdings that have not contributed and the fundamentals have weakened. Cut these holdings loose and add to your strongest ideas. Do a check up on the basis for your asset allocation decisions. How overweight are you in certain sectors? Is the case still strong […]

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Taxes Should Not Drive Investment Decisions

Many investors believe they need to make investment decisions with their tax situation in mind. I am not saying you should completely ignore taxes. For example, if you have held a stock in a taxable account for 361 days and you are thinking of selling it, I would strongly be in favor of waiting five […]

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