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Is the Great Unwind Approaching?

Even occasional financial market observers have become familiar with the term quantitative easing. This unconventional monetary policy tool, in which central banks buy government securities in order to drive interest rates lower and increase money supply has clearly had a profound effect on the price of all types of assets. It is impossible to know […]

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Markets Continue an Eerily Calm Trek Higher

US and international stocks posted another quarter marked by positive returns and historically low volatility. An awful lot has been written about the quiet strength that currently pervades stock exchanges, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts on that topic. How quiet has it been? There are a number of ways to measure market […]

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Innovation Takes Center Stage

Similarities to World’s Electrification in 1888. I read a great book this summer titled The Last Days of Night, by Graham Moore (Random House). It is set in 1888 in New York City and is in fact a novel, but is based almost entirely on real historical events at a fascinating period of technological progress […]

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5 Reasons Why Bob Lutz is Wrong on Tesla

Written by Robert Lutts, President & Chief Investment Officer During April 2017, former Chair of General Motors (GM) Bob Lutz repeatedly stated on CNBC that he believes Tesla is on the verge of failing and in his words is “doomed to fail.” I could not disagree more. Here are five reasons why I think this […]

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