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Ringing the NYSE Bell

Rob Lutts, Cabot’s president and chief investment officer, was a guest of Krane Fund Advisors during their summit and launch of the One Belt One Road ETF (OBOR).  Rob helped the KraneShare Team ring the bell to open the stock exchange on January 16, 2018. Rob has been investing in China for more than 20 […]

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India’s Coming Tax Reform

It’s being called one of India’s most important tax reforms since breaking away from Great Britain to become an independent state in 1947. But what does it mean for FAs whose clients have exposure to the subcontinent? Rob Lutts, chief investment officer at Cabot Wealth Management in Salem, Mass., isn’t worried about short-term market gyrations. “It’s […]

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Why it’s time to invest in India

Big names like Amazon are betting on India and investors should as well, two experts said Wednesday. The e-commerce giant announced Tuesday it will invest an additional $3 billion into its India operations, bringing its total investment in the country to $5 billion. “You hear U.S. industrials talking about the opportunities in India and clearly […]

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