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Innovation Takes Center Stage

Similarities to World’s Electrification in 1888. I read a great book this summer titled The Last Days of Night, by Graham Moore (Random House). It is set in 1888 in New York City and is in fact a novel, but is based almost entirely on real historical events at a fascinating period of technological progress […]

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Putting your money down on Tesla?

Having first purchased shares of Tesla (TSLA) for clients in 2012, we have been thrilled to watch as Tesla develops into a first class technology, energy and transportation company that is bringing the next generation of energy and transportation to the global markets. Here are a few thoughts on the eve of unveiling the next […]

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A New Era In Medicine: Genomics

Simplistically, genomics is the study of genes and their function.  With great advances in the technology and costs required to sequence the human genome, the level of activity in this rapidly emerging industry is exploding.  Patients are benefiting from this evolution in healthcare today – whether through genomics-based “non-invasive prenatal testing” (NIPT) options (versus amniocentesis), […]

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Combatting a Growing Threat: Cybersecurity

Consumers – Cybersecurity challenges impact every person using a computer or mobile device – and in reality, every person with a credit card or bank account.  That means just about everyone!  Millions of people, globally, are the victims of cyber-crimes.  Personal data is being stolen on a massive scale. Businesses – Every business is dependent […]

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