Youth Financial Literacy

Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders Today.

At Cabot, we have made it a mission to improve financial literacy. In an effort to support financial education in our community, we have donated hundreds of age-appropriate books to youth teaching the importance of financial literacy. The books touch on a variety of financial topics, lessons, and values, providing children and young adults the know-how to make wise financial choices. Additionally, beginning in 2016, Cabot plans to participate in a financial literacy apprenticeship at a local Salem middle school. As part of the volunteer program, our team will teach basic financial terminology and management skills necessary for students to develop into fiscally responsible adults.

While our team has taken steps to promote financial literacy, we agree more must be done. There’s no doubt it will take leaders throughout our community to make sure the next generation can manage their personal finances. The youth in our community count. Let’s help them succeed.