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Estate Planning

Strategic Estate Planning, Massachusetts Based

Perhaps the greatest risk to your family’s wealth lies in having an inefficient estate plan. Unnecessary taxes and probate costs can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cabot Wealth Management offers you a cohesive estate planning strategy in Massachusetts and across the country.

Estate Planning in Massachusetts and Beyond

Massachusetts-based Cabot Wealth Management has developed both the internal and external structure necessary to work with clients from around the nation to help them develop an appropriate estate planning strategy.

Working with your own attorney or one from our network of contacts, we can assist you as you develop and implement your strategy.

For those clients who already have an estate planning strategy, we can review it to insure that it is properly funded and then work with you and your attorney to monitor the estate plan and recommend changes as needed.

Can Cabot Help You With Estate Planning Advice?

If you have questions about your estate planning, Cabot Wealth Management can help. Contact us to request more information.