Wealth Management

Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Process:

#1. Listening
The first step in the financial planning process is to gather information. Your trusted Cabot advisor will ask you to complete our Confidential Information Summary (CIS), which serves as a preliminary introduction to your situation.

#2. Asset Allocation
After receiving this information, your wealth advisor will meet with you in order to review the details of your individual situation and fully understand and define your personal goals and objectives, an investment time horizon, and risk tolerance.

#3. Monte Carlo Analysis
Using sophisticated financial software, your advisor will develop your customized analyses and recommendations which are incorporated into your detailed, written plan.

#4. Implementation
Once the financial plan is developed, your wealth advisor will review recommendations with you directly. Upon your approval, we will implement your plan.

#5. Portfolio Management
Your team of financial planners reviews your investment assets on a regular basis to ensure the overall portfolio remains consistent with your plan.

Consistent communication and personal attention is the hallmark of our service. You’re encouraged to meet with your advisor annually in order to review changes in your circumstances and to monitor and adjust your plan accordingly.

#6. Follow-up
Your trusted advisor and other key members of your professional team will maintain contact with you and encourage you to reach out whenever you have a question or when a change in your situation arises.

Your financial plan is fluid, dynamic and responsive to your unique circumstances. It is a result of your own personal vision. Once implemented, you’ll begin to enjoy the full benefits of working with our team of wealth management professionals.

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