The Great Game of Business

Investing to Win

Innovation, Entrepreneurs and Winning Strategies

“When you have money, it is a large responsibility to decide what to do with it. You must decide how to invest it assuming you do not spend it all. That is what this book is all about: helping you understand your options and the risks inherent in these options as we explore some strategies that I believe can be employed successfully by most investors. This core idea of this book is to better educate you as to how real money is created in our economy.”

Rob_2014 casual_smallWhy are some businesses tremendously successful while others seem to struggle quarter after quarter to achieve profitability? Rob Lutts, Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of the respected Cabot Wealth Management, Inc. advisory firm, addresses this issue and examines what characteristics separate the winners from the losers. Robert Lutts shares some of the key economic sectors that Cabot Wealth Management considers promising in the coming years and highlights possible future leaders within these up-and-coming sectors. Purchase Book


Why Business is a Great Game. Rob explains his personal passion for investing and shares why he founded Cabot Wealth Management. You’ll learn about stemwinders: the successful leaders who are constantly improving their business and understand every part of the firm. Rob talks about the key difference between growth and value investing.

Innovators: Business Change Agents. Rob explains how American law and financial markets help entrepreneurs create wealth. We explore the strengths and weaknesses of stock market valuations. Rob reveals the story of the cheapest CEO in the nation and why the optimal level of debt for any firm is zero.

Great Opportunities for Investors. Rob talks about business success stories and the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy. Rob reveals why he travels to China, India and other countries. He shares valuable insights into global markets and explains why investors need to diversify for long-term success.