Investment Management

Investment Management Planning

Your investment management portfolio is developed based upon your particular needs, tolerance for risk, and time horizon. We listen carefully as you explain your financial goals and objectives.

STEP 1. Determining Your Investment Management Objectives

You have a unique set of circumstances. That is why we provide you with a highly customized global investment management strategy and investment philosophy that is designed for your particular needs.

After listening and assessing your situation, we are better able to determine an asset allocation that will produce the returns needed with a risk level that you are comfortable with.

STEP 2. Developing Your Investment Policy Statement

Your financial counselor will work closely with you to develop an Investment Policy Statement. This investment management document, which is updated annually or as required, serves as our guideline to the types of investments that are suitable in reaching your financial goals as well as how your investment management results will be measured. Just as you are unique, so is your Investment Policy Statement.

STEP 3. Measuring Your Investment Management Results

We examine your investment management portfolio closely to help ensure the realization of your financial goals.

STEP 4. Reviewing Your Investment Management Objectives

As your life changes, your investments should change with you. You want to ensure that your financial future is secure.  We continually monitor your investment management objectives to make certain that your assets are always working for you.

Can Cabot Help You With Investment Management Advice?

If you have questions about your investment management options, Cabot Wealth Management can help. Take advantage of your complimentary portfolio review.