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Introducing Cabot’s Client Portal

It’s no secret that the financial industry is changing rapidly, and innovation and technology have always been a primary focus of our firm. At the center of a well-run wealth management firm is the right technology—technology that fuels growth, supports effective management and protects our reputation. Today, we realize investors are online and using the […]

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Closing the Books on 2017

As we close the books on 2017, reflect back to January when there was a great deal of uncertainly in both our country and the world. This uncertainty has faded a bit as Washington’s new policies become clearer. Equity markets have also performed much better than most expected at the start of 2017. In fact, […]

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Key 6: Safeguard Financial Accounts

Review all your credit card and financial statements as soon as they arrive or become available online. If any transaction looks suspicious, immediately contact the financial institution where the account is held. Never send account information or personally identifiable information over email, chat, or any other unsecure channel. Be suspicious of any unsolicited email requesting […]

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Key 5: Protect Email Accounts

Delete any emails that include detailed financial information beyond the time it’s needed. In addition, continuously assess whether you even need to store any personal and financial information in an email account. Use secure data storage programs–such as cloud storage and/or online vaults–to archive critical data and documents. Review unsolicited emails carefully. Never click links […]

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Key 4: Protect Information on Social Networks

Limit the amount of personal information you post on social networking sites. Never post your Social Security number (even the last four digits). Consider keeping your birth date, home address, and home phone number confidential. Consider whether you want to post information about births, children’s birthdays, or the loss of loved ones. Sharing too much […]

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