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December 2016

Your Money Matters | WSJ Podcasts | 12/16/2016

Rob Lutts of Cabot Wealth Management thinks we’ll get a Santa Claus rally and he’s also upbeat about a Trump presidency, with the likelihood of lower taxes and regulatory reform.

October 2016

What’s News | WSJ Podcasts | 10/14/2016

Stocks end the week lower after some positive news about earnings and retail sales weren’t strong enough to offset concerns about the economy. Cabot Wealth Management President and Chief Investment Officer Rob Lutts joins [WSJ] with some perspective.

July 2016

Podcast Series on The Great Game of Business: Investing to Win, written by Rob Lutts.

Episode 1: Rob explains his personal passion for investing and shares why he founded Cabot Wealth Management. You’ll learn about stemwinders: the successful leaders who are constantly improving their business and understand every part of the firm. Rob talks about the key difference between growth and value investing.

Episode 2: Rob explains how American law and financial markets help entrepreneurs create wealth. We explore the strengths and weaknesses of stock market valuations. Rob reveals the story of the cheapest CEO in the nation and why the optimal level of debt for any firm is zero.

Epsiode 3: Rob talks about business success stories and the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy. Rob reveals why he travels to China, India and other countries. He shares valuable insights into global markets and explains why investors need to diversify for long-term success.

March 2016

Podcast Presentation on the topic of investing in India, presented by Rob Lutts.